Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation

Medical & Dental Outreach Program

The medical and dental staff from the clinic regularly reach out to the tribal people living in faraway villages of Dang, Gujarat, India. During their visit, medical and dental needs are assessed, and necessary treatment is provided, including prescription medications. Thorough counseling and important information is provided for preventative measures. The symptoms of several common medical and dental problems are discussed, and patients are encouraged to visit the clinic earlier in the disease process.

The community leader, principal of the local school, or the local political leader or administrator are informed beforehand to make necessary arrangements for the medical team to set up a temporary clinic and examine patients meticulously. A mutually beneficial relationship is established so that the local leaders can transfer needy patients in emergencies to Dr. Kiran C. Patel Multi-Specialty Hospital or the daily outpatient clinic. It is hoped that the activities of the medical and dental outreach program will ultimately help the society at large.  

During such outreach programs, several patients are screened that require further treatment. They are highly encouraged to visit the clinic or are transported to Dr. Kiran C. Patel Multi-Specialty Hospital or other regional hospitals for surgical intervention and early treatment in the trust’s vehicle.

The Medical & Dental Outreach program is critical to provide healthcare to those who cannot access it easily. By traveling to distant communities regularly, preventative medical care is administered. The goal is to educate the people of Dang and surrounding areas on how to prevent disease and to develop healthy habits.