Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation

How We Help

Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation is currently working on good projects around the globe;

  • to establish health care facilities in inaccessible, economically backward and rural communities
  • to help to create affordable/low-cost housing for communities affected/displaced by natural disasters
  • to help to start primary/secondary schools in rural areas of India and East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria
  • to help to create facilities to provide emergency medical care to children they could not get otherwise
  • to provide necessary assistance for the general well-being of the disadvantaged people, both in the USA and other developing countries

Good People

The Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation is working with good people around the globe and needs the assistance of good people to nurture the seeds we are planting.

The board of the foundation includes:
Dr. Ashok K. Patel, Mr. Jagdip R. Bhakta, Glanee Patel, Dr. Natasha Patel, and Dr. Nirali Patel.

The Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 charity. Your tax-deductible donation can be put to work in India, African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South American countries of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Central American countries of Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica immediately.