Individual Healthcare Treatment

Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation is committed to providing each and every patient with the most appropriate medical treatment. Hospital staff members are well-trained and are able to adapt to every possible situation. The ultimate goal of the project and the hospital is to extend the most modern treatment available for the specific medical condition of that particular patient. Dr. Kiran C. Patel Multi-Specialty Hospital has managed many patients with great success, including some life-saving procedures. The hospital strives to rehabilitate patients after the initial treatment is provided. Regular follow-up examinations are carried out to ensure their wellbeing and bring them back into the society.

Kapila: Cleft Palate Surgery

Kapila is a young girl who lives in one of the tribal villages of the Dang district. Our first encounter with Kapila was when she attended the medical camp with […]

Sunil: Life Saving Amputation Surgery

A 10-year old boy, Sunil Pawar, was brought to the medical camp at our project site by his relatives in December 2018. Dr. Daniel Olsen, one of the members of […]

Maitry: Cochlear Implant Recipient

Maitry is a young girl from Ahwa, Dang, Gujarat, India. She was born with a severe hearing disability and as a result, never learned to speak. Her parents came to […]

Sumanben: Fibroma Removal

Sumanben was a healthy forty-nine-year-old woman when she first noticed a growth in her mouth. Over time, the growth increased in size and became quite uncomfortable while chewing and speaking. […]

Sunil Chaudhari: Condylectomy

Sunil, an 18-year-old boy, visited the medical camp organized at our project site during December 15-20, 2016. He lives in a small remote village of Umarkui in Vansda province of […]

Urmilaben: Dental Implants

Urmilaben first visited the Dental Clinic in 2016 as a 47-year-old woman who had lost all her teeth due to lack of proper dental hygiene. At the time, she could […]

Imran: Dental Implant

Imran is a school clerk from Ahwa, Dang, Gujarat, India, the same village where Vanbandhu Arogya Dham, our healthcare facility, is located. In November of 2013, Imran was in a bus on […]