Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation

Our Board

Dr. Ashok Patel


Dr. Ashok was a practicing dentist in USA from 1988 till 2020. He has offices in Waltham, Massachusetts, and Nashua, New Hampshire. He was the Founding Trustee of Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation (USA) and Kantilal J Patel Charitable Trust (India). The project to build a world-class healthcare facility was conceived by Dr. Patel in 2008 when he had unexpectedly inherited Mr. Condorelli’s savings upon his sudden death from acute kidney failure. The foundation was registered in his memory, in the state of Massachusetts, to carry out philanthropically inclined activities honoring Mr. Condorelli. Destiny brought Dr. Patel to the tribal district of Dang, India which had a severe shortage of coordinated healthcare. Mr. Condorelli’s gift, Honorable Prime Minister, Shree Narendra Modiji’s personal interest and encouragement, Dr. Patel’s father, Shree Kantilal Patel’s blessings, Dr. Kiran Patel’s (a Cardiologist in Tampa, Florida, USA) generous financial donation along with the contributions of many other likeminded, kind-hearted friends and relatives, made the facility possible. For Dr. Patel, the facility is a bridge between Boston, the USA’s world-class healthcare system, and Dang, India’s lack of coordinated healthcare. The facility is named Dr. Kiran C Patel Multi-Specialty Hospital. Dr. Patel’s goal was to develop the facility into a model facility that can be implemented in several needy tribal areas of India.

Dr. Natasha Patel

Dr. Natasha Patel is a practicing dentist in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. She is also a trustee of Kantilal J Patel Charitable Trust, registered in India. Having studied Dentistry at NSU College of Dentistry, Florida, she was instrumental in initiating medical/dental outreach program from the teams from NSU since 2014. The NSU medical camps have already benefitted thousands of patients since its inception in December 2014, under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Silvagni. The program has grown tremendously since 2014. Dr. Natasha Patel’s dental education in India and USA is extremely useful in designing programs to provide world class dental care to almost 53,000 school children and needy adults of Dang, India.

Dr. Nirali Patel

Dr. Nirali Patel is a physician trained in India. Besides being a member of the board of Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation, she is also a trustee of Kantilal J Patel Charitable Trust. Her participation in yearly medical camps along with the team of NSU, Florida has been extremely valuable for the medical team as well as patients alike.
Since her father’s passing, she has taken charge of the Kantilal J Patel Charitable Trust and the Hospital facility in Ahwa, Dang. Serving as the managing trustee and a physician at the hospital OPD.

Abigail Martin

Project Coordinator

Abigail Martin joined our team in early 2020. One of her many roles is to function as the Project Coordinator for the Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation. Primarily, Dr. Ashok Patel and she have been working to update the Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation website and develop public relations and fundraising strategies for the project. Currently, she is completing her degree in Business Administration and hopes to use her skills to enhance the project and continue the effort to expedite the completion of the Dr. Kiran C. Multi-Specialty Hospital. She has expressed her appreciation for this unique opportunity to work with the foundation and have the ability to positively influence the lives of the tribal people of Dang. We are glad to have her as a part of our team and we look forward to the continued progress we will all make together.

Jagdip R. Bhakta

Mr. Jagdip Bhakta is a business entrepreneur with an Associate Degree in Data Processing and Accounting and a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems and Business Administration from California. He had started a Tele-communications sales and Installation company that had installed PBX systems for businesses during 1983-2004. He was also actively involved in the construction and operations of several hotels in Texas during 1982-2014. He had served as a Board Member on the national advertising committee of the Americas Best Value Inns during 1998-99. He is currently pursuing his interest as a Real Estate Investor in office buildings in Texas. Mr. Bhakta has a philanthropic heart. He has committed himself to the betterment of the underprivileged people of the world. He was the recipient of the 2009 Paul Harris Fellow Award from The Rotary International for his contribution and support of many cataract eye camps in less privileged countries of Africa. He has also contributed to several surgical related eye camps in his home town of Kapura, Gujarat, India, since 2004. He has been a big supporter of the Foundation and healthcare project in Dang, India.

Glanee Patel

Mrs. Glanee Patel is a USA trained Pharmacist and a business entrepreneur. She had graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, USA, with a degree in Pharmacy. She had worked as licensed registered Pharmacist for several years and later developed several businesses with her husband. She has been a good friend and a big supporter of the Foundation and the healthcare project in India. Her entrepreneurship and philanthrophical heart has been instrumental as an excellent resource for guidance, encouragement and fund raising activities.