Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation


Volunteering is another fantastic way to get involved and contribute to the ongoing projects of the Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation. In India, our goal is to expand our volunteer program based on the unprecedented positive response to our current Foreign Doctors Program. We plan to organize more medical camps for those interested in getting involved.

The project offers a unique opportunity for those in the medical field. A major element of sustaining quality healthcare is the participation of foreign doctors and dentists, who will have the opportunity to visit the facility and volunteer their services, staying in attached bungalow apartments built specifically for them.

The project also presents opportunities for MD/DDS candidates to gain clinical experience in a rural setting, all while working in a state-of-the-art facility located in a scenic tribal region that features many different specialties. The Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation has already collaborated with Nova Southeastern University Medical College Florida since 2014 to organize successful yearly Healthcare Camps in Ahwa, Dang. The foundation is currently working to expand the program to other universities.

Another area of volunteerism the foundation is seeking to fill in is the research program. Part of what makes the entire project as successful as it has become is proper medical methods and documentation. Properly documented research will help the facility to better tackle medical issues in the region. With this research, the foundation will be able to open the facility to various teams who will concentrate on identifying and preventing specific health needs in the region such as sickle cell anemia and ovarian cancer.

If anyone is interested in joining any of our Camps as a volunteer, please head over to our Contact page and send us your contact information and a brief message on how you’re interested in getting involved.